AKA, how to get the ideal massage appointment slot and avoid communication burnout to boot!

How many times have you thought to yourself, “oh, my neck is tight and achey again, I need a massage asap”?  Then the phone rings, the dog barks, or that Facebook notification pingy noise goes off, and another few weeks pass before you actually manage to arrange an appointment.  It happens ALL the time!

Time flies by as we overlook and forget experiences we value that provide a feeling of self-care and wellness.  You know that actually booking and receiving those massages can make a huge difference in how you feel mentally, physically and emotionally.  And life is simply so much better with regular massage in it!

So what’s the big tip I mentioned?  How does life get easier and you feel less stressed?

Top massage booking tip

Book your next massage at the end of your current session!   There you have it: my top tip :-)

It’s so easy to book right after your massage.  And I think we can all use more easy in our lives.

  • There are no distractions to divert you from your goal of feeling massage-amazing again soon
  • The benefits are at their most tangible – encouraging you to prioritize and care for yourself
  • You don’t have to put “schedule a massage” on your to do list
  • And (MAJOR PLUS) you are most likely to get the exact day and time that fits your needs best

In fact, you avoid the need for any organization or motivation by just taking care of it then and there.  Have you ever noticed that?  Making appointments, especially ones that have been on the back burner, takes focus, organization, and will power.  And really, who in this day and age of information max needs another call to make or email to send?

By booking your next appointment right after your massage, you also avoid the stress of knowing you’re not caring for yourself in the way you would wish.  And the stress of a large to-do list.

But what if I don’t know my schedule in advance, I hear you ask?

You can always change the appointment.  I am always easy to contact via email or text.  You can also always change it by clicking the link provided in your confirmation email and doing it online, at 2am if that’s your scene!

Ok, so maybe none of this sounds appealing to you.  You just want to book when you want to book, thank you very much!  I get that. 

One last option would be to sign up for my last minute appointments newsletter.  It goes out every Monday morning and tells you which slots are still available for that week.  It’s an easy way to be prompted to book an appointment for yourself if its been a while.  Shoot me an email to be added to this list.  

Would you like to be reminded to book at the end of your appointments?  Do you find more time slipping by than you intended before booking yourself a massage?  Rather than letting me know, book an appointment now :-)


I provide massage therapy for TMJ pain, stress, and general health in the Union Square area of Manhattan. Feel free to contact me with any questions or to schedule an appointment today.
My top massage appointment booking tip to minimize hassle and stress

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