Sports Massage in Union Square NYC, body positive and queer friendly

Sports massage is an important and beneficial tool for both amateur and pro athletes.  In addition to foam rolling and other self-care, sports massage is a higher level of care and injury prevention.  Consider adding it to all the good support habits you have built up for yourself, such as good nutrition and making sure you get enough sleep.  

There’s a good reason that pro sports teams have massage therapists on staff.  It has been proven that massage is important to the athletes’ performance, health, and recovery after injury. 

“Eowyn is all about giving her client the attention and time his or her issue(s) need. And that is what it means to be cared for by a professional massage therapist. As a pro runner I couldn’t have asked for better…!”

Harbert O. – New Paltz, NY

I help many different kinds of athletes in my practice:

  • Runners
  • Crossfitters
  • Cyclists
  • Swimmers
  • Yoga teachers and practitioners
  • Weight lifters
  • Dancers  

By incorporating regular sports massage, you will have more effective workouts, experience less aches and pains, improve range of motion, and recover more quickly from injury.  This is all achieved by activating the body’s innate healing mechanisms.

Your sports massage session

Each individual therapeutic massage session is tailored to meet your current needs.  You’ll receive an assessment and then we’ll form a plan according to your sport, goals, and possibly, stage of injury.

I work with a wide range of manual therapy and other techniques.  These include Swedish massage, myofascial release, acupressure, friction, IASTM/Graston, active release, deep breathing, PNF techniques, range of motion, stretching, heat packs, cupping, and more.

Often deeper pressure is preferred by those who work their bodies hard.  I can apply as much pressure as required, but never to the point of injury.  In my experience, it’s important that you feel the work is effective, but light work can be just as effective as intense work.  

Usually we will address only a few specific parts of the body in one session.  It depends partly on your sports massage treatment schedule and preferences.

Sports Massage for quick recovery and your best performance

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