TMJ disorder massage in Highland NY | Living Link Massage Therapy serving the Mid-Hudson Valley region

PLEASE NOTE:  during times of working to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in NYC, there are several TMJ-related massage techniques which are simply not safe to engage during a session at the moment.   If you have any questions, shoot me an email

A massage session dedicated just to TMJ disorder may seem a strange idea, but I work with many clients in this way.  

If you suffer from TMJ Disorder, you already know that it takes a significant toll on daily life.  The headaches, pain, tooth grinding, and dizziness prevent good sleep, relaxation, and focused days.  And then there’s the clicking sound, the earaches, etc.  

There are many ways to approach TMD, but just two essential parts that fall within the scope of my work:  massage and good home self-care.  By incorporating these two elements, you can go along way towards reducing your symptoms and feeling SO much better.

I provide the massage, and gladly teach you the self-care.

With this approach, TMJ Disorder can fade into the background, letting you get on with your life without pain and distraction.  

Your TMJ Disorder massage session

Each session varies according to what you’re feeling on a given day. But, we will focus mainly on your shoulders, neck, and head during the massage.  In a longer session, we can work on other areas of the body also.  

I take a gentle, but effective, approach to TMJ massage.  Techniques include Swedish massage, friction, active release, resisted stretching, and more.  

Learn more about preparing for your massage here.