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Relaxation massage is an essential addition to healthy nutrition, good sleep, and enjoyable physical activity.  When we care for our bodies and our selves, our days are better.  

Regular relaxation massage is a deeply supportive tool.  With its help, we move through life with less stress, less discomfort, and more joy.

What can relaxation massage help with?

Relaxation massage soothes the nervous system.  This helps your body to shift from the ‘fight or flight’ state into the ‘rest and digest’ state.  The parasympathetic nervous system has become dominant.

When this neurological shift happens, magic occurs!  Our tissues repair, our digestion improves, our sleep improves, our blood pressure goes down, and it goes on.  

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“Eowyn is the massage therapist I have been searching for for over a decade.  She listens to me and my body.  Every time I leave my session with her I feel better both body and spirit.  Her facility is peaceful and clean and everything about Living Link Massage makes me want to come back over and over.  Thank you, Eowyn, for making the world a better place!

Suzanne G. – Poughkeepsie, NY

Your relaxation massage session

A relaxation massage usually includes nurturing attention for the back, neck, shoulders, arms, legs, hands and feet. 

There is usually no specific ‘problem’ to address.  But we can spend extra time in a certain area if you wish.  

You determine the depth of pressure according to your preference.  I understand that for some people the massage needs to be deep to be relaxing.

Techniques may include: Swedish massage, acupressure, deep breathing, and heat.  

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