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If you’re pushing it hard in your WODs (and I know you are), you most likely already foam roll and do some icing to keep yourself in good workout form.  Adding in regular CrossFit massage takes your self-care to a higher level of performance and injury prevention.

Once you add in regular massage, your WODs are going to be the best you’ve ever experienced and you’ll be PR-ing right and left!  

Your CrossFit massage session

Each individual CrossFit massage session is created to meet your current needs.  You’ll receive an assessment, and we’ll form a plan according to your goals, preferences, and stage of injury, if needed.

We will always include techniques to assist recovery from intense activity, as well as long-term strain on major joints and muscles.  (Yep! Muscle-ups and Burpees will do that over time!).  This is all achieved by activating the body’s innate healing mechanisms.

Techniques may include: Swedish massage, myofascial release, acupressure, friction, IASTM/Graston, active release, deep breathing, PNF techniques, range of motion, stretching, heat packs, cupping, and more. 

Often deeper pressure is preferred by those who work their bodies hard.  I can apply as much pressure as required, but never to the point of injury.

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