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Prenatal massage is incredible beneficial throughout all trimesters and indicated into the final weeks of pregnancy.  A healthier, stress-free pregnancy and you means a healthier, stress-free baby!

Prenatal massage helps to:

  • Ease anxieties
  • Aid the body in adapting to changes by supporting and nurturing its innate capacities
  • Relieve hip or low back pains 
  • Assist reduction of swelling in the ankles and feet
  • Reduce back, shoulder and neck tension
  • Soothe and moisturize the skin, muscles, and connective tissues around the abdomen

About your prenatal massage session

  • You’ll be positioned on your side, once lying on your belly is no longer comfortable.  A whole range of pillows is available to make sure you are always at ease during the session.
  • Only safe techniques are used.
  • Only scent-free organic oil is used.
  • You are kept cool and comfortable.   
Learn more about preparing for your massage here.

“Eowyn has magic hands. She also has a loving, calming presence that is priceless, in addition to a very affordable rate. I just had my third prenatal massage and I feel wonderful! Healthy, comfortable, and grateful.”

Aidan K. – New Paltz, NY

Postnatal Massage

Postnatal massage will enable you to:

  • better care for you little one(s)
  • recover more quickly from pregnancy and birth
  • prevent shoulder and neck pain during feedings
  • support you in coping with lack of sleep and anxiety
  • get back to regular physical activity

Once baby arrives, everything will change, whether this is your first or third child.   It’s natural for your self-care to be a lower priority, and it can seem like there is no time for massage.  

Even a 30 minute session is enough time for a rejuvenating foot massage or some attention for your neck and shoulders.  Ask a friend or family member for help to carve out the opportunity for yourself.  

A BIG TIP: schedule a massage for 1 and 2 months post-partum BEFORE the birth.  You can always change or cancel the appointment if you need.  

You are so much more likely to get a postnatal massage for yourself if you’ve done this ahead of time.


Prenatal Massage

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