Can I listen to what I want during therapeutic massage? Living Link Massage Therapy | Union Square Manhattan NYC
Enya makes me crazy! Is that OK? 
I love listening to NPR / Rock’n’Roll / Buddhist podcasts when I relax, could we do that during the session?  
The short answer is: yes, whatever you’d like!
During a massage, I have worked with clients who:
  • lead a very busy life and haven’t had a chance to listen to the latest album of their favorite 70’s rock band
  • prefer silence or just the white noise machine
  • wanted to catch up with RadioLab podcast back episodes
  • listened to their Hebrew language class tapes
  • loved to listen to Iranian flute music
  • put on Enya because they thought they should and were very relieved when I told them I’d prefer something else too (please forgive me, those of you who love Enya.  It’s just a well-known example of ‘relaxing music’)

Why have music in a massage session?
Music or other audio can help you to relax, step away from every day life and make the most of the bodywork, prevent rumination or running through to-do lists in your head.  It adds to the multi-sensory experience of a session, and can enhance the way the massage work engages your nervous system.  It also helps to experience the massage as time just for you, which it is!

Why do you select the music that you do on a given day? 
When you come in for a session, I’ve chosen the music from a mix of different things I have on hand, based on what I felt like listening to then, and/or any preference you’ve expressed in the past.  It’s always changeable!
Lastly, I love being introduced to new things, so please bring or tell me about whatever you’d like to listen to.

Any worsts or bests for you in music/audio during a massage session?

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