Insight Timer Meditation App is a fantastic tool to develop regular meditation practice. Along with massage, relaxation is a massage health booster.

Meditation is one of the simplest and most powerful ways to transform all areas of your life.   And that’s all there is to it!

No, really, meditation is an essential component for good health.  It’s a simple, free, and powerful tool.

In my own daily meditation practice, I don’t pay too much attention to special seating arrangements, guided meditations, or a specific legacy or tradition of meditation.  I use a basic meditation method from the scientific research of Herbert Benson.  And I use the Insight Timer App.


What does the Insight Timer app do?

  • It times your meditation
  • It provides a highly customizable library of bells and sounds to use throughout your meditation
  • It logs and tracks your sessions for you
  • It allows storage of preset times
  • It’s a social platform, with different groups to join and share in
  • You can see who else is using Insight Timer to meditate whenever you practice, which creates a sense of community and companionship
  • You can send and receive simple messages of “thanks for meditating with me” to those who are practicing at the same time
  • It provides a large library of guided meditations (although I don’t recommend them in general)
Insight Timer meditation app

Reasons why I like Insight Timer  

  • Insight Timer helps to create a small ritual around meditation practice.  The ritual in turn helps make it a habit.  The clear, bright bell that I have set to ring at the beginning of the meditation is a sound I really like.  Hearing it is a reward for sitting down and beginning the meditation (often the hardest part).
  • The bells help me to notice when my mind has wandered.  It takes time to be an excellent witness of your mind’s activity.  The bells bring me back to the present when I’ve gone down a memory rabbit hole, or launched into today’s task list.
  • I like seeing all the other people around the world who are meditating at the same time.  It provides a sense of community and companionship.
  • I like to see my progress over time, and a consistent track record.  It has taken me a long time to develop a solid relationship with meditation.

How do you find and use the app?

  • Go to where you download any app on your smartphone.
  • Search for Insight Timer.
  • Pay the developers around $5 (there is a free version, but it’s worth the few dollars).
  • Download the app.
  • Set yourself up with a few saved favorite meditations by selecting the time, bells/sounds, intervals of bells/sounds.
  • There’s a lot more to explore, but start just by using the core function for now.
  • Get into your meditation habit, then look at the guided options, the groups, other members, and so on.
I would love to hear about your meditation experiences.  Keep me posted!


Insight Timer meditation app

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