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A massage session dedicated just to TMJ disorder (TMD) may seem a strange idea, but I work with many clients in this way.  All of them are busy, hard-working women, often with families, juggling a million things day to day (90% of TMD sufferers are women of childbearing age).  It’s easy for things to catch up with them, and regular massage is a huge support.  

If you suffer from TMD, you already know that it takes a significant toll on daily life.  The headaches, pain, tooth grinding, and dizziness prevent good sleep, relaxation, and focused days.  And then there’s the clicking sound, the earaches, etc.  

Here’s some good news.  

You can do a LOT to help yourself manage your TMD without medication or visits to the doctor.  

There are two essential non-medical parts to managing – and significantly reducing – TMJ Disorder: Massage and good home self-care.  I provide the massage, and gladly teach you the self-care. 

With this approach, TMJ Disorder can fade into the background, letting you get on with your life without pain and distraction.  

When to seek TMJ Disorder massage?

A regular session at least once a month will go a long way to help you prevent flare-ups of acute TMJ-related discomfort and pain.  Many of my clients practice this approach, and it helps them greatly.

However, life is never perfect and stress can build up.  Sometimes you’re just feeling awful, the headaches are bad, you’ve got a constant ache around your jaw and temples, and sleep is elusive.  That’s when you text or email me, and get a massage as soon a possible.

The massage will help your flare-up in a variety of ways, as TMD is a complex condition.

In my opinion, the stress relief and improved mindset are the most profound offerings of TMD massage.  But it’s also going to help the muscles around your neck and jaw to release and let go a bit.  You will feel much more openness and ease after your session, thanks in part to the advanced resisted movements I use along with regular massage techniques.

Your TMJ Disorder massage session

Each session varies according to what you’re feeling on a given day. But, we will focus mainly on your shoulders, neck, and head during the massage.  In a longer session, we can work on other areas of the body also.  

I take a gentle, but effective, approach to TMJ massage.  Techniques include Swedish massage, friction, active release, resisted stretching, and more.  

Learn more about preparing for your massage here.


Find relief for TMJ Disorder pain with massage therapy

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