Simple answer:  Yes!
I always tell my clients that they should feel free to ask questions, talk, and be quiet whenever they wish. 
In fact, sharing your questions and reactions about the massage, especially if we’re just getting to know each other, helps me customize the session to your needs and wishes.  
I also simply enjoy talking with and getting to know my clients, and I welcome that aspect of my work.
I also welcome providing space to be quiet, reflective, and restful during a massage, and I enjoy that aspect of my work.  I am comfortable and happy with any and all of it.  And my goal is that you be too.
I usually find that even clients who like to chat for a while during a massage will choose quiet within 30 minutes of the session start.  Most likely this is because their nervous system shifts into a parasympathetic state during the first section of the massage.    Once that happens, I try to disturb as little as possible unless it is required to perform the work properly.
When I do disturb the rest, I limit questions to ones such as:
  • How are things feeling in this area?
  • Can we go deeper here, or is this enough?
  • Was this the spot where you felt a pull after your fall during tennis?
  • I’d like to do one more round with the IASTM tool, is that OK for you?
  • Would you like a blanket?
What is your experience of talking, or remaining quiet during a massage?

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