Once I re-open the office, these standards and expectations will be in effect. They are based on CDC and massage therapy industry guidelines, as well as my own requirements to maintain safety for you and I, and those close to us.

There is no way to guarantee safety from virus transmission, either for myself or you. I will do everything in my power to keep a safe environment for us and ask you to do the same. And I trust that you know there is a small amount of risk involved until there is a SARS-COV-2 vaccine.

If you or someone with whom you share your life is immune-compromised for any reason, you should wait to get massage until there is a SARS-COV-2 vaccine.

If there is any significant increase in cases in NYC, I will re-close the office.

Massage Therapist Guidelines

These are the precautionary steps I am taking for the foreseeable future:

  • I wash my hands on arrival at the office, and before and after all clients { this is standard pre-COVID procedure }.
  • I wear a mask traveling to the office, and always at the office.
  • I change my clothing between clients.
  • Staggering appointment times with Arthur, my immediate neighbor, to limit cross traffic in the waiting area.
  • Getting tested for SARS-COV-2 every two weeks.
  • Rescheduling all massage appointments if I exhibit any symptoms that might be COVID-19. These include flu-like symptoms, headache, loss of smell/taste, and more. In that case, I will reopen the office once I have tested negative for SARS-COV-2 again.
  • I will continue to strictly socially distance during every day life.

Client Guidelines

I need your help to maintain a safe environment for all, and ask that you commit to the following before making an appointment. I will update these as the situation in NYC improves.

  • In the 14 days prior to your appointment, you have worn a mask during all of the following:
    • indoor socializing with people who live outside your home
    • while indoors at work, if applicable
  • In the 14 days prior to your appointment, you have not eaten indoors at a restaurant.
  • In the 14 days prior to your appointment, you have not lived, socialized or worked with anyone who has since reported a positive COVID-19 result.
  • You cancel your appointment if you exhibit any symptoms that might be COVID-19. These include flu-like symptoms, headache, loss of smell/taste, and more. My cancellation policy is not in effect at the moment for health reasons. Cancel any time if you have any of these symptoms, and just reach out to reschedule once symptoms have passed.
  • You bring bottled water to drink before you arrive at the office, or after you leave the office. Water will no longer be provided during your appointment.
  • You wash your hands before coming in to the office
  • If you want to share details beyond a few words about how you’re feeling, and what you want to work on during your massage, please text, email, or call before your appointment.
  • You arrive shortly before your appointment and wait in the hallway for me to let you in.
  • You wear a mask throughout your time at my office, except when lying face down on your belly on the massage table. When in that position, there will be a large pillow case below the face cradle that will catch any potential droplets.
  • If you want to switch to a fresh disposable mask upon arrival, those will be available for you to use.


The cleaning focus is on touched surfaces and the air circulating in the room, as droplet transmission is the main concern in the massage context.

  • All surfaces and touched areas – both in the office and waiting area – are cleaned between appointments with CDC-approved cleaners { adding a few surfaces in addition to standard pre-COVID procedure }.
  • All linens used are changed and washed between clients { this is standard pre-COVID procedure }.
  • Airflow / cleaning: A HEPA air filter will be running in the office at all times. It also treats the air with UV light.
  • The office window is opened during the UV treatment time to introduce fresh air into the space.

Other Details

  • Appointment Scheduling: All scheduling of appointments will be done via email, text, or phone call.
  • Contactless Payments: All client payments will be made via credit card on file, Venmo, Zelle, or PayPal just before/or after payment. For those who have packages, payment procedure will remain the same.

About the Bathrooms

We contribute to twice weekly bathroom cleanings, but have no control over bathroom use and hygiene the rest of the time.