What does LMT mean? 

Licensed Massage Therapist.  I am licensed to practice massage as a health care provider in the State of New York.  All the rules of professional conduct and client privacy apply, just as with any healthcare related profession.  Read more here.

What kind of people do you accept as clients? 

All respectful adults are welcome on my table, and children over the age of 13 with written consent from their guardian.  This practice is also queer-friendly, a safe space for trans folks, and body positive.  

What kind of massage therapy do you practice? 

I currently offer therapeutic/medical massage and pull from a wide variety of techniques in that work.  Read more about it on my services page and the blog.

How do I make an appointment?  

Please email, or call 646 400 9594, at least a week in advance.  Sometimes I can make a last minute adjustment as needed also, just let me know.  You can also book online right now!

Do you offer walk-ins? 

No.  Sessions are by appointment only.  For easiest scheduling, use my online scheduling system.

Can I schedule multiple appointments at one time?

Yes!  I schedule up to 3 months in advance.

Will you be available when I need you?  

Current days for private practice in Manhattan are Fridays and Saturdays.  

What happens if I need to cancel our appointment at the last minute? 

I do have a 24 hour cancellation policy, waived in the case of an emergency.  Please text any last minute schedule changes to 646 400 9594.

Where do you offer in-home / on-location sessions? 

I am not currently taking new in-home clients.

How often should I get massage? 

The answer varies greatly according to your needs and health condition.  In some specific cases, such as injury recovery, a tendinitis, or sciatica, after a period of intense treatment of 1 or 2 sessions per week, such regular massage may no longer be needed.  On the other hand, if you’re a dancer/yoga instructor/exercise fanatic, bi-weekly massage may well be part of your general health routine.

Ultimately, the answer is as much as possible.  Aside from providing effective treatment for a variety of issues, the many proven benefits of massage are as important to good health as regular exercise, fresh air, and a balanced way of eating.

Do you offer gift certificates? 

Not any more. 

Will there be any intake on the first session? 

Yes.  Please allow 10-15 minutes in addition to the length of your first session for reviewing your intake information, talkling about your goals for the session, and a brief postural assessment.

What should I bring with me?  

Nothing special is needed for the session.  If you choose a Shiatsu session, you’ll want to come with loose comfortable clothing to wear.

Can my wife/partner/friend/dog come with me for the massage?  


Will I have to remove all my clothing for the session?  

Usually, clothing is removed, at least down to your underwear; and you are fully draped with a sheet during the session, with only the area being worked exposed at one time.  However, this is not necessary at all.  If you prefer to be clothed during the session, that’s works equally well.

Will the massage be painful?  

When we work together, I trust you to tell me when you are uncomfortable or in pain.  Pain is counterproductive in a massage session.   You may experience some intense sensation, but it should never be painful.  Read more here.

Can we use my own oil/lotion for the massage?  

Yes!  I use pure organic Jojoba oil, but am happy to use whatever you bring instead.

I love listening to NPR/Rock’n’Roll/Buddhist podcasts when I relax, could we do that during the session?  

Yes!  Just bring whatever it is on an ipod and you’re good to go.

Do you bill for your services? 

Payment is due at the time of treatment.

Do you accept credit cards? 

Yes, all major credit cards accepted via Square.

Do you expect a tip?  

Nope!  And I prefer not to receive them in private practice. Read more here for further details.

Do you take insurance? 

Not currently.  However, I can provide an invoice for the treatment which you can present for reimbursement, as needed.  Do let me know if your insurance covers massage therapy though.  

Do you share my private information with anyone else?  

As a licensed health care professional, I am bound to protect your personal information and medical history according to HIPAA law.  I will not share any information you give me, nor request information about you from another medical professional without your explicit written consent.

Please email with any other questions.

Have any questions about massage therapy and wellness coaching in Chelsea NYC?  Feel free to contact me anytime.