How to fix a crick in your neck asap

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  “Help!  I used to be able to toss my hair with the best of them. Now I can barely turn my head to one side, and my neck is killing me.” Maybe you slept deeply in an odd position.  Maybe you’ve been spending too many hours at a laptop on an important project.  Or maybe things have just been extra stressful lately.  All

ABMP Code of Ethics

ABMP Code of Ethics

I’m proud to be an Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals (ABMP) member.  It gives me water tight liability insurance, and a sense of professional community. It also means I am committed to their Code of Ethics.  This Code is as

Prenatal Massage

Prenatal massage NYC in Union Square | Living Link Massage Therapy serving Manhattan NY

Prenatal massage is incredible beneficial throughout all trimesters and indicated into the final weeks of pregnancy.  A healthier, stress-free pregnancy and you means a healthier, stress-free baby! Prenatal massage helps to: Ease anxieties Aid the body in adapting to changes by supporting

I’m just not a relaxed person

Get help with the neck tension, jaw pain and headaches that plague you when you have TMJ Disorder | Union Square NYC

“Really, it’s OK, I just don’t relax on the massage table!  It doesn’t matter though, I’m here because of shoulder pain. Plus, relaxation just isn’t my thing.” Have you had these thoughts?  Yes?  Well, with respect, I’m going to disagree.  Your relaxation on the massage