Massage therapy for pain and stress relief in Chelsea NYC, body positive and queer friendly

NEWS: I am no longer accepting new TMJ clients. Please visit the service page on my website for alternatives.

RECOVERY and RENEWAL: Bodies of all kinds will find a variety of massage services in this welcoming Chelsea office.   The work offered is expert and rooted in thorough knowledge of anatomy, neurology and physiology.

Regular massage therapy helps you to experience relief from chronic pain, reduce stress, recover from injury or surgery, support activities of daily living, and revitalize your general health...

...not to mention it feels amazing in the process!

All sessions are custom-designed to meet your needs and goals following attentive listening during the intake process.  Read what happy clients have to say!


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~ My work is backed by a strong dedication to ethics, respect, and environmental sustainability.

~ This practice is fully body positive and queer-friendly.  All respectful humans looking for therapeutic massage are welcome.

~ I listen closely when you share about your experiences and life, and incorporate that knowledge into your massage and my recommendations for you.  I never share details about you with others, unless with your written consent.

~ You can expect time just to yourself during your massage, without the need to talk.

~ Completely customized sessions, specific to your needs and wishes each time you come in.

~ I like clarity and ease: my fee structure is simple and I prefer not to accept tips.

~ I use only organic oils for the massage.  My space is cleaned with environmentally-aware products and scented with pure essential oils.

Massage therapy for pain and stress relief in Union Square NYC, body positive and queer friendly


What kind of massage is best for you right now? What types of massage will you find at LLMT?
I'll give you a hint:  there's no hot stone massage, but many other options to get you PAIN-FREE and feeling your very best!  Read on.
Massage therapy for pain and stress relief in Union Square NYC, tmj massage specialty, body positive and queer friendly


There are many great massage therapists in the area.  Choosing the right one for you requires some thought.

My name is Eowyn Levene (she/her). Learn more about me, what makes me different, and what happy clients are saying. Read on.